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Bed frame

Ok, so now it’s time for my newest update. I was getting rather discouraged with my lack of progress. Not only did I have 5 of 8 pallets downstairs on my porch, I have also been struggling with my chiseling technique. Granted, the chiseling has gotten better, but I have no technique at all. My technique is basically start shaving away and pray I don’t slip and gash open either an arm or a leg.

Considering I have no real shop area to speak of, I place the posts on my remaining couch cushions (I demolished the couch by hand which took four hours and then delivered it to the dump the next day) and prop the end of the post I’m working on, on my leg. Then I start chiseling the post and hope for the best. I am not going to lie. It is truly a painstaking process. It is figuring out your lines (I use a vehicle slim jim as my straight edge to draw my lines) and then careful hammering with the chisels to make deeper guidelines. Then it’s up to fate which chisel I end up using.

I usually end up cursing a great deal during the whole process. And believe me, I can usually make a grown man blush with the words and phrases spewing from my mouth. I have had multiple near misses with a chisel to the arm or leg. And that’s when I start swearing profusely. For whatever reason, I become even MORE irate when I accidentally slip and chisel off a corner I worked so hard to preserve.

I began to get discouraged with my progess, and I needed to see the bigger picture to remind myself what I am working towards. So I carried all five pallets, one at a time, up 16 stairs (which is no small feat for me considering I’m such a danged clutz). So I hauled the rest of them up, one at a time and very carefully placed them in the correct formation to make my “frame.” Then I oh-so-carefully balanced the 4x4s so I could see the “BIG PICTURE” and absolutely loved it. I was captivated by the upcoming creation I was about to complete (in a few months, give or take). And now I have a new zest for completing what I started.