So tonight is another one of those random topic nights where I seem to have a lot of thoughts I am having a hard time processing. It would seem that this is my safe place to post my “diary” thoughts, even though I have a secret blog for my poetry and really deep stuff that I don’t want my family and friends to see. There are some things I have to say that are deeply disturbing, and my family and friends would view me differently.

It’s not that I want to hide things from them, but then again I do. But each person deserves to have their privacy, and setting up a separate blog that isn’t linked to anything I do and say on normal social media seems the safest place to do so.

Today was a crazy day at work. It was painfully hilarious in many ways, and I wish that I was allowed to talk about it all and describe the things I go through on a daily basis so you could understand. HIPPA laws prevent that however. But I have to say there were some truly humorous moments in today’s behaviors.

These last few days have been unusually exhausting. I spent all day Friday and Saturday in bed falling asleep within an hour of waking up. Thinking I was coming down with something, I was all too happy to oblige my body by going to sleep. But no, I wasn’t getting sick. I was getting ready to start my period. You would think at 30 years old I would know my body. But then again, working in a healthcare residence of a predominantly female house will TOTALLY screw up your chemical balances. So, for the second time this month, I am on my period. I guess it’s only natural considering this is a new position where I am in one house instead of hopping from one to another (we have five houses on campus, and it’s pretty even in the male to female ratio)….so actually being stuck in one female house is wreaking havoc on my system. It’s not like I have any reason to be worried about missing a period considering I have no sex life…but to have TWO periods in one month? I better fucking not have a period on my birthday in 10 days. I’ll be pissed (not that I will be getting birthday sex).