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Bred frame 2

OK, so I have made some previous posts now where I put the posts up next to the unsanded and unstained pallets to give a rough idea of what the end look would be.

Well now, I have sanded the pallets quite thoroughly and finally got to stain them today. Not liking the completely unfinished look, I decided to go ahead and get some 1x10s to cover the sides up instead of having all the open pallet spaces. I put them up against the frame to check for size, and as you can see, it’s a perfect fit. The two 1x10s have since been stained and are currently drying so they can be installed tomorrow.

I am super excited about how quickly it is coming together now that a majority of the crap work has been done, although to be quite honest, it WAS a lot of fun staining the pallets. Once I have these babies on, I will finally have a frame I can finally use as I finish carving the posts and staining them as well. Another plus of having these lining boards is it will allow a much easier method of securing the posts once they are complete.

So, some things I learned when I was staining…

  1. polyurethane stain is really sticky
  2. while it seems you can’t really smell it, the smell ends up permeating everything, even when you have a ventilation system set up
  3. it really is necessary to use a damp rag to wipe up the excess stain
  4. just because there is a sheen to the wood doesn’t mean it is necessarily wet… it’s the polyurethane shinin’
  5. One quart of stain goes a lot quicker than you would think

It has been an interesting experience, and one I will gladly repeat on my next project. And then next project is my posts. I can’t wait to get started on those again!