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Bed frame 3

Alrighty then!!! I finally have a useable bed frame with no small effort from myself. It felt like it took FOREVER to sand those pallets down, but OH! was it worth it!!

You would think that with having a mental image it would be easy to pick out a stain color for the wood…Wrong. Oh so very wrong. Despite how the pallets and the side boards look like two different colors entirely, I actually used the same color stain. I got Minwax Polyshades Pecan gloss. I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone and stain/lacquer all in one step. And the result was rather nice, I think.

After having spent what felt like nearly a week sanding the pallets, I finally got to stain them. It ended up being an all day thing. I finished the pallets and decided there was no way I was going to be able to pull off a nice clean look by keeping the sides on them open, so I headed to Miami County Lumber Yard where I met a nice gentleman named Rusty who was all to willing to help me in my project. Seeing as how the pallets standing on top of each other were about 9.5″ high, I was able to get to 8-ft 1x10s which ended up being a PERFECT fit for the sides. I didn’t even have to sand the boards! I was able to get right to staining them and letting them dry so I could secure them to the pallets the next day.

Naturally, me being me, I got so excited about the project I’m working on being at a stopping point  I completely forget I need something like…screws. Just regular run of the mill 1.5″ screws. SIGH… So I was able to get some screws and a good friend of mine came over to help me secure the boards and VIOLA….FINALLY, I have a bed I can utilize and sleep on. The dimensions of the pallets vs the queen sized bed I’ve basically had in storage were pretty spot on width-wise. I have about two inches on either side of the bed to spare, and then I have about six inches the head and foot respectively.

I have decided I dislike having so much space between my head and the wall, so when I get the posts finished (the head side will be the first to go up), I am going to create a headboard. I have already decided to do away with the canopy idea, as the fabric or curtains for such an endeavor will range anywhere between $300-$900. I am not willing to pay that much money for freaking fabric, not to mention it will cover up all the work I have done. Instead, I am going to do an open box frame four-poster. This way, I will have a gorgeous and open rustic looking frame, and I will be at full liberty to add the draperies later if I so decide.

In the meantime however, I am FULLY enjoying being able to utilize a bed frame that is completely squeak free and is entirely stable. Not to mention the fact I did it all by myself with the exception of adding four screws. (BTW…I have decided impact drills freak me out because it sounds like the drill is stripping the screws)