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Ok, as there were multiple comments, I feel I need to provide the background on this topic. This one really threw me for a loop, and the guy who suggested this cracks me up.

A: Cauliflowers
Me: A-, you WOULD say something like that.
A: Just sprung to my mind, thought might (or might not) be a challenging subject for you to write about. If we’re honest, I think everyone has a Cauliflower story to tell…
Me: Hahahaha a cauliflower story?
A: e.g. I never used to like Cauliflower, not I do, my moms recipe for Cauliflower cheese is the best ever, here it is. I’ve tried growing cauliflower, but like most brassicas the caterpillars get to them before I can pick them. These are just a selection of cauliflower stories that might spring to mind that you would write about.
Me: Lol well…I’m afraid I’m stumped on that. Would probably end up being more of a research essay.

Surprisingly, this is not going to be a research essay, but one of my memories I will end up sharing.

So I have always had a love for cooking which Papa (my ex step dad) helped instill in me at a fairly young age. I was always hovering in the kitchen (which he LOATHED) wanting to watch a learn. So finally, rather than have me do the dreaded hover thing, he began to teach me. However, cauliflower was rarely if ever, on the menu.

It wasn’t until my ex, Phil, and I were together that I saw cauliflower for all it’s true glory. I got really into watching cooking shows. I found out how cool it was when I watched an episode of Iron Chef and the secret ingredient was cauliflower. And it wasn’t just the normal white cauliflower we see on a daily basis in the grocery store. There was green cauliflower, purple cauliflower, cauliflower that looked like an M.C. Esher drawing with all its glorious abstract patterns. Suddenly, it became cool.

Granted, now that I am single and living on my own, I do shite to cook for myself. What’s the point? The reason I love cooking so much is to prepare something for those I love. But when I get fish, I will cook cauliflower along with it, it’s just that good.

One of the things I DO love about cauliflower so much is the fact it can absorb all the amazing flavors in whatever it is you are cooking yet still maintain a distinct flavor all it’s own. It’s almost…nutty, I guess. And filled with umami goodness. It’s one of those earthy vegetables that radiate comfort.

It brings up another memory as well, a happy one. When my mom and new step dad Bill got together, he made some “hash” for us one night consisting of broccoli, onion, sausage of some sort, almonds, and CAULIFLOWER. Like I have already stated multiple times, it has an earthy goodness that absorbs new flavors and just enhances everything. That is when I first truly came to love cauliflower.

It reminds me of comfort, security and caring. While my Iron Chef memory with my ex is nice, the one of my step dad making his “hash” brings back the best memories. Ones I feel good about sharing.