So I was tasked to talk about my dream house, and in all reality, I don’t have one. My dream is dependent on my mood and my current finances. I was told to think about my dream home and not think about cost. Being the single woman adulty adult that I am, cost is ALWAYS a factor, so this writing exercise is harder than most.

But no matter what, there ARE some things in common. I want a shop. I shop where I can work to my heart’s content and build and create till I can’t do either any more. I am not a traditional female. I love to build, I love oil and grease…basically anything that causes me to get my hands dirty. I don’t do the simple pintrest salad out of jars bullshit. I want to MAKE something. I want to build. I want to rebuild.

My home is ideally on a cliff where I can see the sun rise in the morning. I want to wake up and sit on the rooftop while I watch the sun show it’s majestic glory over the sea.

BUT…then again, I also want that country home with the white picket fence.

My actions and thought processes define who I am as a person. Simply put, I don’t know exactly who I am right now, nor do I know what I want…